15 Amazing things about Hydrogen gas (H2)

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Hydrogen is the most abundant gas in the universe. It is very small, and it is the first element on the periodic table. Hydrogen is often recognized from two things: H20 and the fact it goes boom when ignited. What a lot of people do not know is that H2 on its own is very healthy for your body. H2’s profound effects on the human body have been studied for just over a decade now and I want to point out some of those amazing discoveries.

1. Hydrogen rich saline may be an effective therapeutic agent for spinal cord injury. Its effects onerve pathway channels as well as reduction of oxidative stress, inflammatory cytokines and apoptosis.

2. Molecular hydrogen (H2) is an inert gas with no known side effects. Not one study has shown any negative side effects from consuming hydrogen gas.
3. H2 inhalation can potentially reduce lung damage: One study showed that rats that inhaled an air mixture that contained 2% hydrogen decreased lung injury due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-apoptotic mechanisms.

4. Hydrogen can help your kidneys: There are countless studies showing the healing properties H2 has on the kidneys. For example, one study suggests that H2 gas inhalation is effective in ameliorating the severity of CIAKI in rats by reducing renal cell apoptosis and oxidative stress.
5. Hydrogen water can reduce cell death caused from chronic dialysis treatment. Chronic hemodialysis or dialysis patients increase erythrocyte susceptibility to hemolysis and impair cell survival. Hydrogen water treatment is effective in palliating HD-evoked oxidative stress, as indicated by lipid peroxidation, hemolysis, and overexpression of proinflammatory cytokines in Dialysis patients.

6. H2 REGULATES oxidative stress. See hydrogen gas as something that keeps your body in tune. It stays within your bodies natural functioning limits and finds the perfect homeostasis of inflammation and oxidation within those limits.
7. Hydrogen gas is GREAT with exercise. Studies have shown hydrogen water reduces lactic acid build up in muscles allowing you to train harder for longer and even start recovering faster!

8. One study showed: MSW Neg.-Ion Water increased 10 min. lap-swimming aerobic-output by ≥ 13.2% – pointing to potential for substantial performance increases in athletes and older-workers, as well as VO2-Max challenged retirees. Better endurance leads to better training and a better body.

9. Oxidative stress is recognized widely as being associated with various disorders including diabetes, hypertension, and atherosclerosis. Hydrogen can help. There is strong evidence that suggests that supplementation with hydrogen-rich water may have a beneficial role in prevention of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) or impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) and insulin resistance.

10. Hydrogen water is great for your skin. Apply H@ inside and out! Psoriasis and parapsoriasis are chronic inflammatory skin diseases, both representing therapeutic challenge in daily practice and adversely affecting the quality of life. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) has been evidenced to be involved in the pathogenesis of the chronic inflammatory diseases. We now report that hydrogen water, an effective ROS scavenger, has significant and rapid improvement in disease severity and quality of life for patients with psoriasis and parapsoriasis.

11. Hydrogen water is known for its ability to make wrinkles disappear. More and more evidence everyday is showing the anti-aging effects of h2.

12. Molecular hydrogen (H2) improves body composition, metabolic profiles and mitochondrial function in overweight women. A very recent study has shown how effective hydrogen tablets really are. I was so impressed I copied the abstract for you too see yourself!


Molecular hydrogen (H2) improves body composition, metabolic profiles and mitochondrial function in overweight women, yet no studies so far evaluated the effectiveness of H2 for improving exercise capacity in this population.
PURPOSE: To examine the effects of 28-days supplementation with 1 L per day of hydrogen-rich water (HRW) on exercise capacity and quality of life in overweight mid-age women.

METHODS: Twelve women (age 53.8 ± 13.0 years, BMI 28.8 ± 3.3 kg/m2, VO2max 22.3 ± 3.7 ml/kg/min) participated in this randomized, placebo-controlled, cross-over, repeated-measure interventional study. All participants were allocated in a double-blind design to receive two randomly assigned trials: first group received 1 L per day of HRW (supplying ~ 9 ppm of H2), while the second group received placebo (tap water). Participants were evaluated at baseline, and following 28 days of intervention. The primary endpoint was the change in cardiorespiratory endurance (VO2max) assessed at baseline and at 28 days follow-up. Secondary outcomes included change from baseline to end of treatment in values for work capacity, impact of weight on quality of life (IWQoL), and hematological biomarkers. Participants were asked to maintain their usual lifestyle, dietary intake and not to use other dietary supplements during the study.

RESULTS: HRW intervention significantly improved VO2max as compared to placebo at 28-day follow-up (26.2 ± 4.8 ml/kg/min vs. 24.2 ± 4.1 ml/kg/min; P = 0.03). Differences were found for time to exhaustion and total work completed during an incremental exercise, with HRW resulting in improvement of both variables as compared to placebo (P < 0.05). IWQoL scores and hematological markers were not affected by either intervention (P > 0.05).
CONCLUSION: Results indicate that HRW can be used as an alternative hydration formulation to positively affect exercise performance in mid-age overweight women.

13. For all of those who consume alcohol, hydrogen water, (especially h2 tablets) really help with hangovers. Trust me on this I have verified this many many times lol. I take 2 tablets before bed in water and 2 when I wake up and it has saved my life countless times.

14. Aside from alcohol consumption straining your liver, h2 helps protect your liver. Test subjects who drank hydrogen water for 5 years showed elevated levels of aminotransferase (ALT), aspartate transaminase (AST), alkaline phosphatase, indirect bilirubin (IBIL) and direct bilirubin.

15. I mentioned this before but for any athletes interested in hydrogen water I wanted to show you beneficial consuming h2 can be towards your training.


Objective: This study aims to investigate the selective protective effect of hydrogen water on the free radical injury of athletes after high-intensity exercise and to provide a reliable method for reducing oxidative stress injury of athletes.

Methods: A total of 60 athletes from the swimming team in our city were selected as the research subjects. They were divided into the control group and hydrogen water group according to different intervention methods. The athletes in the control group were treated with placebo, and the athletes in the hydrogen water group were supplemented with hydrogen water. The serum superoxide anions, Serum Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) activities, and total antioxidant capacities of athletes were compared between the two groups.

Results: The serum superoxide anions, serum SOD activities, and total antioxidant capacities of athletes during and after training were significantly superior to those of the control group (P)

So, the science is establishing that the simplest known gas could very bell be one of the most health effective elements around. I am excited to see what future studies will reveal about this amazing gas. There is vast amounts of research on molecular hydrogen so don’t be shy and do a little research and prove to yourself hydrogen is for you.
*I will be adding more facts to this blog as I read up and discover new information on molecular hydrogen.

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