My Story: 90 Days of Drinking Hydrogen Water

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90 Days of Drinking Hydrogen Water

So it has been just over 90 days since I have been drinking hydrogen water and the results are amazing. At first and like most people, I was skeptical. I hardly expected too feel any changes, if any at all for that matter; but here I am 93 days in and enthusiastically amazed at how much hydrogen water has made me feel. For the purpose of this blog and too save you the reader a head ache of reading my daily routine, I have decided to break my experience down into three 30 days sections. All I can say is that the results are real and anyone who is considering trying hydrogen water aka H2 water is that it is SOOO worth it and I hope this 90-day testimonial is motivation for you to try it yourself.


Where too begin right? Who too trust? Where too start? AND MOST IMPORTANTLY! What product am I going to spend my money on? So, I really took my time with searching for the right products. I heavily researched water machines and quickly ruled them out for three main reasons. First, the price! They are expensive (like really expensive) and people are coming forward and proving they don’t produce any H2. So for thousands of dollars it didn’t seem like a logical risk and my wallet thanks me. My last point was actually two points so I will move on to point number three. I discovered smaller, portable water ioniser machines and they deterred me from purchasing one because of BAD REVIEWS. There are a lot of negative reviews not favoring portable water ionisers. Were all those people wrong??? I highly doubted it and from there, I decided to try my luck with hydrogen tablets.
It was a safe bet for a someone like me in the processes of discovering a new product. I could purchase one bottle as a trial and not worry about being taken for a small fortune or stuck with a 10lb water bottle that makes bubbles and requires batteries. Now this all sounds fine and dandy but at this point I was stuck with another predicament, THERE ARE LOTS OF HYDROGEN TABLET BRANDS and I have no clue which brand I want to go with. I went with’s Rejuvenation molecular hydrogen tablet. My reason for choosing these guys was their tablets strength. It is the highest H2 producing tablet I could find and let’s be honest, we are paying for the hydrogen, so I wanted my moneys worth. I will post a picture of the bottles and tablets below.

rejuvenation bottles

The month of taking Rejuvenation H2 was incredible. My joints stopped hurting, (mainly my knee from an old football injury in high school), and my mental clarity for lack of a better word ‘enhanced.’ I can only describe it as having a caffeine rush but without the jitters or the dreadful comedown. My sleeps became enjoyable, I always have had difficulty sleeping, but that suddenly changed. Rather than wreck less tossing and turning, with vague blurred memories waking up in bed, I started lucidly dreaming (very nice dreams BTW) and waking up peacefully minutes before my alarm; and contently refreshed. The pleasantries of soundly sleeping with enough for me to forever be sold on hydrogen water but in all honestly the effects kept getting better and better.

Days 31-60: Win for The Skin
By the second month my skin had started to change. Now I must mention that I have terrible skin. My skin has always been dry and flaky regardless of what moisturizer I use or what climate I am in. My skin on good days was usually like sandpaper and I am no stranger to psoriasis, but the molecular hydrogen tablets have changed all that. My skin slowly started to become less dry and more hydrated looking. The cracks in my hands and ankles started to heal and become less prevalent, the roughness became smooth and I even gave a bottle to a friend to try who has too use ultra violet light therapy to help here psoriasis and it worked wonders for her. I did not at any point increase my water intake (I have always drunk lots of water) my only change was dropping tablets into my glass before drinking.

Days 61-90: The Game Changer
The final 30 days were absolutely the best. I started going back to the gym full time after a little time off and as we all know the first weeks back into the weights can be painful. This in my opinion is where these H2 tablets really shined. The usual fatigue I feel when I go back to the gym was significantly lessoned and dramatically shortened in duration. I was feeling better longer and getting into shape faster than ever before. My diet, and my life style hadn’t changed (and still hasn’t) but somehow my physical performance was at its highest. Where I truly felt hydrogen water helping me was with my endurance on HIIT exercises. My recovery time was significantly shortened, and I felt as if my strength wasn’t fading (usually it quickly dissipates).


So what can I about my experience with hydrogen water and molecular H2 tablets?
They are amazing. I have and will continue to reap the benefits of H2 and I hope you will to. The science is out there. Take your time and do your homework and discover why hydrogen water is the next phenomenon in natural heath. It works for me and once you feel the benefits yourself you will no want to go a day without them.

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