cla1The Scoop on CLA

 CLA has become increasingly popular over the last few years and some scientific suggests it is powerful in aiding fat loss while other studies suggest there is little to no benefit at all.


What is CLA?

Conjugated linoleic acid refers to a group of chemicals found in the fatty acid linoleic acid. Dairy products and beef are the major sources of conjugated linoleic acid in the diet. An average diet supplies 15-174 mg of conjugated linoleic acid daily.

Conjugated linoleic acid is commonly taken by mouth for weight loss. It is also often used for bodybuilding and fitness, but there is limited scientific evidence to support these uses.

Sourced from WebMD.


In my experience, taking CLA combined with a fat burner I did notice some fat loss. I have to say it wasn’t anything dramatic, but I did find the combination to work better than just taking either supplement on their own. Studies have shown that CLA does reduce body fat and helps increase lean muscle mass. However, more research needs to be done to fully understand the mechanisms of how CLA effects the body.


  • Though research of CLA has yielded conflicting findings, early studies have suggested some potential health benefits related to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, bone density, body building, and obesity.



I was taking 5 grams of CLA daily and was splitting it up between mornings and afternoons (taking at the same time with my fat burner). The recommended optimum does for adults is 4.2g per day. One thing worth mentioning and too look out for is CLA can mildly irritate your throat. Many others and I have reported a light burning sensation when the oil hits your throat.  With that in mind I highly recommend sticking to a soft gel.



*While some studies do show a positive relationship between using CLA and decreases in body fat, the overall evidence is not conclusive. Safety and toxicity levels have yet to be established, and other benefits associated with using CLA are not clearly defined. For now, using CLA as a dietary supplement is solely at the discretion of the consumer.

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