3 Amazing Benefits of Magnesium

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Magnesium is a mineral found in a number of foods and is plentiful in multi-vitamin supplementation and the health benefits are seemingly endless. Below are 3 Reasons why you should be focused on getting enough Magnesium in your diet:

1. Improve flexibility in your body
Your doctor may have told you to be more active for your health. Through this, you have developed tight muscles that may be causing you some pain. While a sound flexibility and stretching program is important for improving your flexibility in muscles, magnesium can help improve your elastic properties in muscle fibers. Consuming regular amount of foods high in magnesium can help to accommodate a healthy lifestyle and flexibility program.

2. Bacteria and germs in the gut can be regulated with magnesium use
We all have bacteria in our gut region. These bacteria are typically the healthy bacteria and they help to digest food for your body’s efficiency. Without these healthy bacteria, harmful bacteria would invade and take over the area, which would soon make us ill. Magnesium supplementation can help to regulate what occurs in the gut area since it helps the body to absorb other minerals such as potassium and zinc, and it helps to regulate your blood sugar levels. Common doses of magnesium are helpful to gain this gut benefit and make sure to not over use the mineral.
3. Your muscles and nerves function better with magnesium
The most prominent use of magnesium is with its muscular and nerve benefits, which many athletes are aware of. Magnesium use can help the muscles to calm when they are sore and it can help with the contractions during activity. Magnesium helps the body to absorb calcium more efficiently, which is critical in muscular contractions. Without magnesium and calcium, the body would not be able to move and the muscles would not be able to contract. Some athletes use a spray version to relax the muscles and many different forms exist to help fit your needs.

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