The Mental Benefits of Strength Training

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Without a doubt strength training/weight lifting has numerous amazing physical benefits, however the mental aspect of weight training and its benefits are equally as important. This article will share some of the great mental benefits of strength training that you yourself can apply in your day to day life.


A person is truly at his or her best when they are in the best shape of their life.


I have always been a bit of a “gym rat.” It is a home away from home for me. I truly enjoy being in the gym physically and mentally pushing my body to new extremes, it feels natural for me. I live a chaotic lifestyle of constantly working during the day, training in the afternoon, and making the last few pm hours a mild social life- (which generally ends up being an athletic experience 75% of the time.)

I grew up riding dirt bikes and horses, which was then replaced by contact sports, football and hockey in high school and college. As an adult, I was the lone ranger of bodybuilding until I came across a challenge I never imagined I would overcome through, Powerlifting.


On my first day of competitive Powerlifting, my coach suggested I start by squatting almost double my bodyweight. I thought he was insane.  He may as well have said to start with an elephant on my back. My mind could not even comprehend lifting that weight, at the time my legs were severely under developed, and the most I ever squatted was a little over 100lbs.


Sure enough, after many painful months, a few thousands sets and learning proper form, I was able to squat 430 pounds like a champ! And just like that, my life changed. Not because I had squatted heavy weight for the first time, but because at that moment, I realized I could accomplish anything I put my mind to. How much more could I lift? How much have I already missed out on? For the first time in my life I new that setting goals and shattering them was a necessary key to feeling accomplished in life and I was ready to take ion the world.


Now everything seemed possible. Goals that seemed impossible and so distant, were now within my reach.

I work out 5-6 times a week and focus everyday on getting stronger. Each gym session is a mental battle, always hoping to set new PR’s. Strength training is so much more than vanity. Looking is good is a mere bonus to the feeling of being powerful. Strength training is a daily part my life. If you look at life and realize the struggles one must face in this world it is very relatable to overcoming strength records in the gym. The hard work and the sacrifice pays off. It makes you a fiercer competitor in and out of the gym.



Here are some mental and physical benefits of strength training:


  • Stronger muscles can improve your posture and help keep your body in balance.
  • You will sleep like a baby. Hormone release and your body’s desire to heal will lead to effortless sleeps when strength training.
  • Stronger muscles can prevent injuries.
  • Weight training helps to tone, lift, firm, and shape your body.
  • It is a time to focus on you and your needs “help yourself, help your body and mind connection”
  • Stronger muscles can help with your everyday activities, such as lugging shopping bags, moving furniture, lifting kids and strollers, and so on.
  • it gives your brain a break from the incessant intellectual thinking you endure all day.
  • Weight training can help prevent osteoporosis.
  • Weight training can increase your lean body mass and therefore increase your metabolism.
  • When you look good, you feel good! Strong is sexy.


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